The Russian Trawlers

Dear Sparks,

many of us know that Russia trough the history of past century, when we called her Soviet Union, owned the large fishing fleet of the planet employed in all seas of the world in all seasons, many of these trawlers passed to the history as spies ships due to the large antenna systems observed but until the end of Cold War no images came us of russian ship’s radio rooms and many of us, during our past at sea, had not chance to stay on board a russian vessel visiting the radio station; nowadays thanks to internet we can catch some videos and pictures of these unknown ships and their radio stations. Surifing the web I found the following youtube clips recorded, I suppose for promotional duty, the fishing vessel owned to “Fedor Krainov” Class, was one of the largest one, ship was built in 1967 and remained in service since 1998, during the video are showed various aspect of life on board including some minutes in the radio room where the glory of USSR R/O’s is well represented by the very fast operator you can see, if some russian friends have more informations about these ships they are very welcome and shared on this website. In the clip the radio room it is showed starting from minute 4:31 but I suggest you to watch the entire clip, it is a very rare piece of history: