Special Radio Event “S.O.S. from the Red Tent”

Dear Sparks,

following information received from OM Fabio BONUCCI – IK0IXI

Starting from July 31st, 2014 at Italian Time 21:30, every 5 minutes until 22:00 Local Time every evening until Monday August 4th on the CW segment of 40 meters, starting from 7000 kHz to 7035 kHz after selected a clear frequency between these following 8: (7000/7005/7010/7015/7020/7025/7030/7035), will be on the air “Ondina 33” the emergency transceiver used by Sgt.Biagi after the impact of Airship “ITALIA” on the pack of North Pole. Sgt. Biagi transmitted the distress signal SOS from the North Pole and the SOS was heard by Nicholaj Schmidt, a Russian amateur radio on the evening of 3rd June of that year.



The transmission will be ‘only ONE WAY, and the HEARD of special TRAMSISSION will be confirmed sending a QSL on which must be reported the precise indication of the frequency and time of listening, the answer will consist of Confirmation Print Memory.

la_biagina   schmidt

 Giuseppe BIAGI operating ONDINA                               Nicholaj SCHMIDT in Arkangelsk

The following text will be send: cq cq cq cq cq de ik1vhx  ik1vhx  ik1vhx this is a special event of transmission ONE WAY using a replica of Ondina 33 Radiotelegraph operator in honor of Giuseppe Biagi and russian hamradio Nicholaj Schmidt Which saved the survivors of Italy Airship Disaster happened on 1928 year. Locator is here JN44SH55. PSE QSL to confirm the HEARD via direct to Bruno Lusuriello – Via Edera, 20 apt. 22 -16144 Genova ITALY.