Special Event callsigns GB0GKA, GB0GKB and GB0GKC

From Radio Officer Larry BENNET:

The special event callsigns GB0GKA, GB0GKB and GB0GKC will be active during July.

The stations commemorate 90 years since the establishment of Portishead Radio, which commenced operations in July 1928 when the UK’s GPO (General Post Office) moved their HF maritime transmitter site from Devizes to Portishead.

The three stations will be operated by ex-GKA Radio Officers from the following locations:

GB0GKA – Tiverton, Devon from the QTH of Tony/G3ZRJ

GB0GKB – Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset from the QTH of Larry/G4HLN

GB0GKC – Weston-super-Mare from the QTH of Pete/G3TJE

Further details will be available during June.