Special activation: GB4AMT – HMS Amethyst

Dear Sparks,

following information coming from M1EDF OM Geoff Powell

on the 20th of April until the 17 May I am doing a special event on the Yangtze incident.. the call will be GB4AMT standing for HMS Amethyst


In April 1949 the Chinese people liberation army swept across the Yangte riverĀ  against the government of Chiang Kai-Shek.. The Royal navy frigate HMS Amethyst became involved whilst on a routine mission to Nanking with supplies to the British Embassy,and for a change over with HMS Consort, She was driven ashoreby heavy gun fire from the bank, hit 53 times with 23 deaths including the commander HMS London, Black Swan, and Consort went to her rescue but sustained casualties ,

After four months stuck on the mud she made a break for it at night in July by following a Merchant ship called the Kiang Ling140 miles down the Yangtze to escape to open waters at Woosung .. ” The Yangtze Incident “” A lot of Telegraphy in it really great film.. Best wishes Geoff…

Below a clips of the movie “The Yangtze inident” at the end of the clip some radiotelegraph communications