ROGALAND RADIO…what’s happened???

Dear Sparks,

this time on our website I post this personal review about our past but expecially the past of any kind of Communications. Today, never happened in the past, we can reach easily from our home any part of the World simply using internet in each way we can, trough computers, tablets and personal mobile phones, it seems all is good but…it seems…Never than in this period people sitting on the same desk are so far with their heads and hearts…networks become everyday faster and faster to launch their News from a side to the other side of our planet and we are not the same people we were in the past.

So why I must to be interested in all these News?? I really have not an answer but I know everywhere and eveyday people are becoming poorer and poorer. I am not so sure we can sustain this kind of progress, it is a progress bound to nothing and this time the risk is that the real SURPLUS we have on this World is the population not much necessary for this kind of World organization. Apologizes for this sort of pessimistic message but the true sense of it is solely forwarded to make a short inner travel in our souls waiting for XMAS…It is so sad that in my last QSO’s on HF bands only a Polish amateur radio sent me MERRY XMAS!

M E R R Y  X M A S

to everybody visiting this page and my gift for everyone is the video below about one of the main Coast Radio Station easy to reach from any side of the World and very busy in this period to pick up radiotelegramms and phone calls at least for two words “MERRY CHRISTMAS”