Vittorio Liguoro1

Vittorio Liguoro (Italy)

 I  was born in Torre del Greco, close to Naples, after Technical school the great sea passion and the interest for the charming world of the radio took me to  obtain  1st class  Radio Officer’s cert. in 1964. I sailed on merchant ships as Radio Officer for about 4 years. My first voyage was on  m/v Stamatios G. Embiricos / SVFP (I was twenty yrs old), followed by m/v Sirena / ICAQ, then  s/s San Gaetano  / 5MIX and last one m/v Mare Sereno / ICHN. After sea period I worked as Radio Operator in Radio Coast Stations for a long while: Napoli Radio / IQH and Genova Radio / ICB. I shared this wonderful profession with all of my three brothers and even though some of them left this job to pursue other kind of careers, we are all agree to say: it was the most fascinating time of our lives…. Now I delight to carry out CW qso on ham bands, my c/s is IK8PPT. This is a great site for us to talk about Radio Operators and their romantic past.

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