Dick Bal

Dirk J. Bal (The Netherlands)

Born in the Netherlands near the Northsea coast. In 1978 I completed my studies at the nautical college in Vlissingen and obtained the general certificate for the maritime mobile service. Between 1978 and 1986 I worked as a Radio & Electronics Officer on-board gas- and chemical tankers and sailed the seven seas, on the following ships;
Coral Rubrum/PJUT
Coral Isis/PJWL
Coral Maeandra/PJLZ

After my great experience at sea, I joined Philips Electronics and in 1995 I move to Brazil. Already during my studies I obtained my ham-radio license and I’ve been active as PA3ALV and PC0PY I have made a website about my period as a R/O, but unfortunately it is written in the Dutch language only. Best 73, Dirk