Marine Receiver – Redifon R551N

Dear Sparks,

for long time this receiver has been employed on board merchant and passenger ships, it has been a great receiver but on the web there are not reviews and specifications, if any of you have detailed informations this article will be modified with your contribution:

This receiver was designed to a high specification and cover 10 kHz to 30 MHz with a resolution of 10 Hz, a sensitivity of 0.35 uV on the HF amateur bands and good selectivity due to 300Hz, 1 kHz and 3 kHz crystal filters.

After published this short review I received by Radio Officer Richard PHILLIPS the following message:

the  Redifon  R551N  that  you have on your site is not a commercial
radio  but one used by the British Royal Navy (and possibly other NATO
forces  too).  You  can tell this by the model number ending in N, the
NATO  spares number (5820-99-525-6189) and the fact that it is painted

The standard commercial radio is the Redifon R551. It is painted cream
and  black and does not have the ARU18 or ARU11 units.

I've  attached  a  picture  of  a  ship with a Redifon radio room that I
sailed on.
opal bounty rr