Marine Receiver – RCA AR-8516

Dear Sparks,

the United States had own factories producing famous radio gears but not devoted only for their own use, also ships or shore radio stations of foreign Countries used these equipments but not so largely than European or Japanese productions.This short review to remember the famous RCA receiver model AR-8516 both for shore or sea applications:

Producer RCA Radiomarine Products Department; Camden (NJ

Year                     1961

Tubes 18:  3BZ6 3CB6 3CB6 3BZ6 3CB6 7AU7 3CB6 3BZ6 3BZ6 3BZ6 3AL5 7AU7 5U8 3BE6 5U8 3AL5 7AU7 12CU5
Principle Supereterodyne double / triple conversion; ZF/IF 1090-3090/455/45 kHz
Bands Long waves, Medium waves, Short waves
Power Supply AC/DC 115; 230 Volt
Audio power 1 W
Model Communications Receiver AR-8516 – RCA Radiomarine Products
Materials Metal rack
Dimensions (LxHxD) 558 x 289 x 444 mm / 22 x 11.4 x 17.5 inch

RCA Radiomarine Communications Receiver AR-8516: triple conversion receiver covering 80 – 30’000 kHz in 18 continuously tuneable bands, reception modes A1 (CW), A2/A3 (AM), SSB, sensitivity above 3 kHz 2 uV AM, 1 uV CW mode. IF filter (-6/-60 dB) 6/20 kHz, 3/7 kHz, 1,5/6 kHz, 0,8/4 kHz, 0,1 kHz. Tuneable BFO in shortwave bands, noise blanker.

Triple conversion superhet, 1st IF 1090-3090 kHz (or 2000-4000 kHz) tuneable, 2nd IF 455 kHz (mechanical IF filter), 45 kHz.

Powered by 115 V DC or AC 45-65 Hz, 230 V with optional RM-288 Resistor unit, to be used from different power systems onboard ships. Accessories: RM-288 resistor unit for 230 V use, RM-289 isolation transformer 115/230V AC, RM-290 loudspeaker unit. Desktop cabinet or 19 inch relay rack. The sister model RCA Radiomarine CRM-R6A with different tube is the standard AC mains version. Of the receiver AR-8516, only one small badge is reported to be made in 1961.

Weight 41 kg / 90 lb 4.9 oz (90.308 lb)