Marine Receiver – Marconi Marine Oceanic

By Radio Officer Riccardo MEMEO (The Netherlands)

Dear Sparks,

this is a receiver produced both by Elektromekano later Danks Radio (with name M3000) and by Marconi Marine (with name “Oceanic”) I have used this radio on board bulk carrier M/V Massimiliano c/s ICZV a great receiver indeed.

On the photo below M/V Massimiliano (FERRUZZI Fleet)


In the clip below a restoring of the M3000

Technical specifications:

Coverage:  100 – 30000 kHz


Selectivity:  5.4/2.4/1/.2 kHz -6dB

Stability:  ± 1 PPM 0° to 40° C

Sensitivity:  <2 µV 4-30 MHz 20 dB

IF Rejection:  >90 dB

Image Rej.:  >90 dB

Antenna Input:  BNC 50 ohm (>4 MHz)

Audio Out:  4 W 4 ohm

Environment:  0° to +50° C

Preset freq.: 500/2182 kHz

Memories:  75

Dimensions:  509x159x463 mm weight 15 kg

Voltages:  110/220 VAC 50/60 Hz 60W or 24 VDC 85W

73’s R/O Riccardo MEMEO