Marine Receiver – Marconi Marine APOLLO

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Dear Sparks,

largely used on cargo ships the APOLLO receiver made the history of marine communications, interesting features, two separated VFO and good filtering, the VFO for marine bands was extremely stable thanks to the Xtal oven, personally used I found it very reliable, For this receiver no videos around the web.

Here some carhacterictics:

Type: General purpose, SSB marine receiver ;  solid state.
Frequency Range: 10 kHz to 28 MHz in ten ranges.
Circuits: Single conversion superhet from 15 kHz  to 1.4 MHz. Above 1.4 MHz, it operates as double conversion superhet.
Power Mains:   105-130 VAC or  210-260 VAC .
Manufactured between:  1970 and 1982.
Comments: Although this is a solid state receiver, it is nonetheless the first of the main Marconi receivers used during the transitionary period from tubes to solid state. Apollo was basically a tube design but with
transistors substituted for the tubes.