Marine Receiver – JRC NRD 91

Dear Sparks,

JRC firm has been established in 1915, the company produced a wide variety of products including marine electronics, measuring equipments for telecommunication, radio broadcasting equipments, and amateur radio equipments. For marine radiocommunications JRC produced a wide range of apparaturs both for ships and coast radio stations, from high perfomance receivers to high power trasmitters and today continue to have a leadership in the production of GMDSS equipments.

In this review it is showed the NRD 91 receiver which is the basic model followed by NRD 92 and NRD 93, today this equipments, not longer used in maritime communications, found a place in several amateur radio and SWL/BCL stations.

Here a clip with receiver tuned on the frequency of the Italian coast radio station NAPLES RADIO c/s IQH while trasmitting NW.



Country Japan

Factory  JRC Japan Radio Co., Ltd.; Tokyo

Year 1984

Principle  PLL, Phase-locked loop; ZF/IF 70455/455 kHz

Solid State Transistors and IC’s

Power Supply AC 100/110; 200/ 220 and DC battery 24 Volt

Audio output 1 W on 600 ohm

Materials  Metal rack

Dimensions (LxHxD) 480 x 149 x 294 mm / 18.9 x 5.9 x 11.6 inch

Notes Wave range: 90 kHz – 29.9999 MHz
Double superhet with up-conversion using a PLL synthesizer.
Reception modes: CW, MCW, DSB, SSB (FSK, FAX optional)
Selectivity: 6 kHz, 3 kHz, 0,5 kHz
Digital frequency display
Head phone jack.

Optional desktop cabinet (dimensions 489 x 190 x 305 mm, weight 11.5 kg).

Net weight 7 kg / 15 lb 6.7 oz (15.419 lb)