Marine Receiver – Dancom R203

Dear Sparks,

some words about the well known receiver produced by DANCOM in the 80’s and largely used also on Passenger ships, not a real excellent receiver but much appreciated for easy operation.


Danish Marine Communications (Dancom) R-203 solid state receiver made in the early 80s.
Digital rack mount unit.
Covers 10 kHz to 30 MHz in 1MHz switched bands.
Uses crystal-bridge type filtering, where the crystals defined the upper and lower limits to the IF passband.

It will operate from mains or a 24 VDC supply.
Weight 24kg.

Main problems: medium quality mechanic expecially in the band switch and no good enough during SITOR operations too much noisy.

(In 1973 3 Danish engineers from S.P radio established a spin of company “Dancom producing maritime communication equipment. Dancom went through some financial difficulties in the 80s and was restructured and renamed Dancall radio in 1983).