INMARSAT-C reception for amateurs

Dear Sparks,

with less than 100 Euro is possible to build a simple system to receive EGC messages from INMARSAT-C satellites, you can buy on the web the necessary products, since last year there was a distributor in U.S. selling a simple antenna known as DIY antenna, it is not necessary to have a big gun system or a paraboloid one, INMARSAT signals at our latitude are very strong and with the help of a small LN-Amplifier put at the feed point of the antenna you have enough signal everywhere and in any WX, ,it is only necessary to put the antenna pointing the South from your home (for people living in Northern emisphere) you know the INMARSAT satellites are geostationary on the equator, for people in Europe it is possible to receiver two of these satellites of the constellation the IOR (Indian Ocean Region) and the AOR-E (Atlantic Ocean Region – East). From the 18th of September there will be a migration for both of the two mentioned satellites but they will be still available, there will be necessary only to adjust the azimuth of your antenna, it will be easier to receive the IOR Sat will migrate at 15┬░East, the AOR-E will migrate at 52┬░West, anyway after this brief introduction some pictures below, the EGC message shown has been received about 10 minutes ago.


DIY antenna

LNA 1.5 gHZ

LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) it is available on e-bay and it is powered by the 5 Volts of your RTL SDR dongle


Common RTL-SDR dongle stick available on the web


SDR SHARP software for tuning your RTL stick (AOR-E) is on frequency 1.541.450.0 kHz with less 2 kHz in USB


Message received few minutes ago

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