GM0HCQ/MM from Arctic waters

Dear Sparks,

our friend and colleague Mike GLOISTEIN is on board I/B James Clark Ross for summer scientific campaign in Arctic waters, often active on HF bands, today PSN 76°N 26°E. When active Mike sends spots on DX Cluster.

Below some datails:

The RRS James Clark Ross departed Tromso,  Norway,  on the morning of Tuesday 10th July and has headed north for the final section of the Arctic summer on cruise JR17007.

Now the ship is outside of the communications satellite and so there will be no further updates.

The ultimate goal of the Changing Arctic Ocean programme is to generate a better understanding of the Arctic so computer models can more accurately predict future change to the environment and the ecosystem. Within the programme there are 16 projects with more than 170 scientists combined, from 32 German and UK research institutes. The programme’s scientists are working closely with Arctic teams in 15 other countries, particularly Norway, Canada and South Korea, to meet the programme’s objectives. The outcomes of the programme will contribute to improving predictions of change in the Arctic of benefit to decision making at levels ranging from indigenous populations to international policy.

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73’s es GW