F/V “Ile de la Reunion” – FT5XT/MM

Dear Sparks,

OM Gildas BALANNEC (FT5XT/MM) is a fisherman now busy near Antarctic waters on board F/T “Ile de la Reunion”. He is often on 40 meters CW, today I have worked him on 7021.2 kHz at 16.48 UTC, the sunset is the best time for Europe to have a contact with him.


Gildas aka F4HQZ (ex TU5KG) is QRV from Austral lands under the call of FT5WQ and FT5XT for Crozet and Kerguelen for the area.
Most of the time will be QRV from the Maritime Mobile, but can be occasionally QRV from the Islands.


Hve a Gud Watch!