Collision between Ro-Ro ‘Ulysse’ and ‘CLS Virginia’

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in the era of High Technologies employed on ship’s bridges we still can assist to these dramatic scenes…what will happen with the next employ of the A.I.???

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Bunker oil tank breached in collision

In the collision of the ‘Ulysse’ with the ‘CLS Virginia’ a bunker tank of the container ship was breached. Propulsion fuel spread into the sea, causing a pollution of nearly 4 kilometers length and a few hundred meters width. The spill moved away from the coast of Corsica with a drift in northwesterly direction. The Cross Med deployed a team aboard a police helicopter to the site. A second team, composed of experts from the French Navy, boarded the ‘CLS Virginia’ with a Cayman helicopter. The tug ‘Abeille Flandre’ left Villefranche-sur-mer and arrived on site around 3 p.m., followed by the ‘Jason’ in the night. The ‘Ailete’ with a team of experts from CEPPOL will reinforce the forces on Oct 7. Also the French tug ‘Altagna’ joined the scene. The ‘Nos Taurus’ sailed from Livorno, the ‘Bonassola’ from Genova and the ‘Koral’ frm Sardinia. All these ships were equipped with oil booms and skimmers to recover the oil since dawn. Work to separate the ferry from the freighter, both ships lying in pos. 43° 14.99′ N 009° 28.46′ E will be planned further during the day. French report with photo:












A Tunisian roll-on/roll-off ferry, the Ulysses, collided with the Cypriot registered container ship,the CLS Virginia, off Corsica. Picture: Stanislas Gentien/Gendarmerie Nationale/AFPSource:AFP