Morse code “The Heritage of Humanity”

A special “radio gift” for new Generations.



For nearly 100 years 500 kHz has been the maritime calling and distress frequency in Morse code. It has saved over 10,000 lives, nearly everyone has heard about the Titanic, but in its first decade there are documented instances where over 5000 lives were saved using this frequency.

Much of the credit for the invention of wireless goes to Guglielmo Marconi.

Radio Officers’ Groups World Wide are joining togheter in calling  to obtain recognition of Morse Code as inmaterial Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

If you are Radio Officer and since now you had not part at the petition you can join the initiative writing to the e-mail adresses you find in the Radio Officers section of this website or to the webmaster.

It is not sufficient to enthusiastically discuss this topic amongst yourselves. In order to really gain something you have to make representation to your responsible institution. We urge you to do so very soon!

Germany has been the first nation to promote the campaign to recognize Morse Code “Heritage of Humanity” and the paperworks made by members of ex German Radio Officers Union are in the hands of Unesco GERMANY.

Deutsche Unesco Commission has issued the following Logo


German informational website is:


ikmi stands for ikm – “Interessengruppe Kulturerbe Morsetelegrafie International”

Belgium & Netherlands have registered cw as well to their national heritage.

Denmark – application in verifying process.


The Distress Watch and 500kHz working point at Wick Radio GKR.

The Radio Officer on duty is Tom McLennan