SAN DIEGO (Nov. 25, 2008) Sailors man the rails on the flight deck of the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) while the ship makes her way past Point Loma into her homeport of San Diego. (U.S. Navy photo by Senior Chief Mass Communication Specialist Spike Call/Released)

Chinese hackers ‘targeted US aircraft carrier patrolling in South China Sea’ as legal battle raged over who should control the waters

Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

Chinese hackers tried to steal information from a US aircraft carrier patrolling in the South China Sea when the country was under pressure to withdraw its claim over the waters.

USS Ronald Reagan, a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, was on patrol in July when a Chinese-based group launched the cyber-attack.

A communication containing malware was sent to personnel onboard the vessel impersonated an official message on July 11. It was the day before China’s expansionist claims over the South China Sea were dismissed at The Hague.

The Enfal malware was intended to infiltrate the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier security systems and steal information on military manoeuvres and policy issues.

FireEye, a US cyber security business, claims the China-based group behind the attack has in the past tried to compromise other US and Vietnamese defence systems.

A US Navy official there was no evidence the cyber attack had been successful.

Although there are fears cyber-attacks have increased in recent months because of the battle for territory in the South China Sea, there is no reason to believe the July 11 attempt is linked with the Chinese government 

Bryce Boland, FireEye’s Asia-Pacific chief technology officer, told The Financial Times: ‘Many governments and militaries in Southeast Asia lack cyber security controls that can effectively match these elevated threats.

‘For example, personal webmail and unmanaged devices aren’t unusual, and many organisations lack the technology to detect unique attacks which haven’t been seen before.’

The USS Ronald Reagan’s patrols in the area were intended to ‘maintain the seas open for all to use’.

A Chinese businessman was jailed in July for his role in an alleged conspiracy to steal military data from US defence companies. Chinese military officers were involved in the conspiracy, according to the firms.


Speciall Event callsign II0REX “Firts broadcasting trasmission ship to shore”


Transatlantic REX – Holy Year 1933

The autumn program of I.N.O.R.C. – Italian Naval Old Rhytmers Club – includes the activation of the special call II0REX in memory of the first radiotelephone broadcasting transmission  took place on board the transatlantic REX, luxurious and fast Italian passenger ship, while she was at sea in the middle of the Atlantic directly to the port of New York.

The sensational transmission took place April 2nd, 1933 when Pope Pius XI inaugurated solemnly in Rome the extraordinary Holy Year. The voice of opera singer Rosa Ponzella, radiated into the ether and sang the Ave Maria by Schubert, it was clearly heard by American radio listeners. In Europe, the Radio Station of Coltano connected EIAR (RAI then) relayed simultaneously in broadcasting. This event was the first world replica of an experiment carried out by Guglielmo Marconi in 1920, the same Ocean, off the coast of Portugal.

PERIOD: The event is open to all radio amateurs and SWL (Italian and foreign), is not a contest, it will be ONLY on CW and will start at 00:00 UTC of the day October 9, 2016 and will end at 23:59 UTC day October 23, 2016.

STATIONS OPERATING: the following stations will be active:

II0REX jolly station with special call

IQ1NM / REX I.N.O.R.C. station

I.N.O.R.C. stations

Stations belonging to other Italian and foreign Naval Club.


BANDS: all HF bands according to the IARU band plain including WARC

SCORE: The station II0REX (JOLLY) is worth 10 points

The IQ1NM station is worth 5 points

The I.N.O.R.C. stations They are worth 3 points.

NOTE: The Jolly station II0REX,  IQ1NM Station and Naval Clubs stations can be contacted only once a day, for each band, throughout the period of activation. Not be calculated double connections. THERE ARE NO MULTIPLIERS.

POINTS CERTIFICATE: to request the Certificate of attendance must have totaled the following score:

Italian stations: 50 points

European Stations: 25 points

Extra-European Stations: 10 points

To get the certificate you must pay a fee of 12 Euros for Italian stations, 15 euro for the European and U.S. $ 15 for stations Extra-European.

For those who want to receive the certificate in PDF format the cost is free.

The amount must be paid into the account paypal@inorc.it or c / c postal 4912866 payable to INORC and sending a copy of the receipt to INORC Secretary. Those who wish can send the amount via postal mail to the Secretary dell’INORC:

Sig.Italo Martella,

Via di  Torpignattara,  20

-00177 Rome, lifting the Secretariat by each postal misdirection.

The Log in ADIF format, must be sent by the deadline of November 30, 2016 Award Manager Mr. Sauro Tonelli iz1cla@Alice who will check the scores excluded, pending the review, the logs contain inconsistencies .

Italian Naval Old Rhythmers Club autunnal program starded remembering the first voice broadcasting directly ship to earth happened on board italian passenger liner T/S REX sailing in the Atlantic Ocean bound to New York on April 1933. In the same moment in When Pope Pius XI in Rome open the holy Year, on board the soprano Rosa Ponzella sing the Schubert “Ave Maria” his voice whos hear in America, and Europe by the relay of COLTANO Radio Station.”


The destruction of Broadcasting services

Dear Sparks,

since a couple of months I switched back the ham radio hobby into BCL returing at the time I was a young guy in front of an old tube receiver and tuning from Radio Poland to BBC and from VOA to Radio Moscow…long time is passed and on SW are still alive a great number of broadcastings insiting with their programs in all languages according to the hours of day or night, the large part of these radio stations comes from Asia, Arabian Countries and Est Europe. According to my heards I have seen the large part of programs are broadcasted in English language which is the  language of the World and with pleasure I listen to very interesting News with others points of view we have here in Europe and, I think, in all Western Countries where the use of internet and various cellular phones applications permits to be tuned on the best “web radio” we have but with minds blinded by the best music programs or “REGIME News” and there is not much space to obtain a radio programming without filters of Government or Press lobbies interests with the serious risks to loose the proper relation with the reality in all her aspects.

Tonight surfing the web with the objective to see what there is behind my impression I found an interesting book entitled: “The Decline and Fall of Public Service Broadcasting” by Michael Tracey, in the description you can find here it is explained the real troubles of the closure of BC radio stations assimilating the phenomena to the real deep crisis of liberal democracy: https://global.oup.com/academic/product/the-decline-and-fall-of-public-service-broadcasting-9780198159254?cc=it&lang=en&#

The video below would be a great show of a recent antenna demolition (a VOA antenna park) but is the clip a great show or a big fail???…Who can say? Since long time I see the TV or Radio Networks I follow do not broadcast really what I must to know but only what they want to say me?? So I rewind my life back to the age I was a BCL…