Härnösand Kust Radio – Sweden

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going haed with the revival of coast radio stations this is the time of a swedish small one served ships in the Gulf of Botnia, in the video below it is well showed the atmosphere of old times “destroied” by the many times nosense High-technology. Before watching the clip of Härnösand Kust Radio here are some information about the town site of the radio center.
Härnösand is a locality and the seat of Härnösand Municipality in Västernorrland County, Sweden with 17,556 inhabitants in 2010. It is called “the gate to the High Coast” because of the world heritage landscape rises just some miles north of Härnösand. Härnösand is at the northernmost fringe of the humid continental climate zone with significant maritime influence, causing mild to warm summers and cold but not severe winters that are milder than areas further north. In the Kvarken area and further north the water is less salty and freezes easier, creating colder winter climate.
And now documentary of the Telecommunications Authority of Härnösands Coast Radio on Hemsö. Made shortly before they moved to Härnösand.

MRD subscription on URL: http://www.seefunk-fx-intern.de/mrdaward/mrd_registry.php


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while waiting for the next Maritime Radio Day we can make a revival of good Coast Radio Station around the world, this is the time of GDYNIA RADIO “SPH” that for long time served seafarers of all Nations. I found a youtube clip of SPH launching the TFC LIST, in the mean time the website for MRD subscription is: http://www.seefunk-fx-intern.de/mrdaward/mrd_registry.php  it is much appreciated if you can share the above link with your friends or on your webpages to have a large partecipation to our Event.

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Last day at PORTIHSEAD RADIO – GKA closure

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maybe, many of you watched the youtube video recorded at PORTISHEAD RADIO GKA during the last day of one of the most important Coast Radio Station of the world.

Following the souls of all sea Radio Operators the MRD Staff would like if anybody of you can divulgate the MRD Event trough your e-mail’s lists or websites and social networks.

Subscription is free and can be done automatically on the following link:


or if you prefer you can submit your partecipation writing to R/O Rolf MARSCHNER:  dl9cm@t-online.de

Here is the video of the last day on the air of GKA…enjoy it!


MRD Staff

KasperskyLab: Russian hackers and Brazilian attack of satellites used by ships and aircraft.

February 9, 2016




Kaspersky Lab, a Russian company specializing in technologies and computer security services, reveals the existence of a real commercial network, based in Brazil, which since 2005 spreads the software clandestinely (“toolkit”) necessary to conduct cyber-attack campaigns and industrial espionage against companies. The Poseidon malware, this is the name of the organization, is able to access the very diversified communication channels, including practical satellites used for navigation support  at sea. Unfortunately, the vulnerability of satellite links for infrastructure such as Iridium or Inmarsat have long been known. In 2014, the IOActive company had distributed a detailed whitepaper explaining the weaknesses of so-called “satcom”. In the case of maritime services, the risks are real, potentially may suffer very serious cyber attacks ships and dangers is not unique to the communication channels but also navigation devices and communication systems, the malware changes into command centers and other control attacks. On his blog Securlist and business.kaspersky.com channel, Kaspersky provides some explanation about the attacks for “hijacking” of the satellite link.


 During a particular campaign, conventional Poseidon samples were directed to IPs resolving to satellite uplinks. The networks abused were designed for internet communications with ships at sea which span a greater geographical area at nearly global scale, while providing nearly no security for their downlinks.

Kaspersky Lab experts reveals  that they’re achieving this using a trick known as satlink hijacking – a technique this Russian-speaking group has been using since 2007.  It involves exploiting the vulnerability of asynchronous satellite internet connections to sniff traffic, distilling the IP addresses of satellite subscribers. All the attackers need then is to set up their servers with the same IPs, configure these addresses into their malware and, after a successful infection, wait for its call for C&C.

What happens next: the satellite broadcasts the request from an infected machine over the whole area of its coverage. Of course, both attackers and law-abiding subscribers receive this request. But, unlike the attackers’ servers, subscriber systems are extremely unlikely to host any services on particular ports – and this traffic is simply dropped without acknowledgement, as this would increase the burden on the thin cellular upstream channel used in such asynchronous data links. After receiving the malware call, the C&C answers via regular fast landline with a spoofed acknowledgement, which appears to be coming from the same hapless satlink subscriber.

Reporter: R/O Pasquale DE CEGLIA -IK7TVE


MRD 2016 Rules and Procedure



Rules for Maritime Radio Day – MRD – 2016 Maritime Radio Day is held annually to remember nearly 90 years of wireless service to seafarers. From its beginnings in 1900, the service was in use mainly until the end of 1998.

Radio Officers of the former merchant marine are invited to subscribe on the following webpage!


Date: 14th April 12.00 GMT 15th April 22.00 GMT

Bands: 160m, 80m, 40m, 20m, 15m & 10m & WARC

Mode: CW only

Power: not limited

QSO: Exchange QSA, QRK, name, callsign of last or favorite ship / aircraft / maintance company *. QSA 1 .. 5, strength of receive signal QRK 1 .. 5, readability and additionally a tr, msg and/or a qtc if you like

Silence Periods: need no longer be observed

Deadline for submission of MRD logs is 1st of May.

Certificate of participation ( CoP): SWL’s – send a complete log to be able to verify qso data by selection. Licenced operators – send a postcard / letter with number of qsos with – ship stations – coast stations – special stations – other Amateurs contacted. Send your application with data and your email adress to :

Rolf Marschner

Narzissenweg 10

53359 Rheinbach


or via e-mail: dl9cm@t-online.de

Certificate is only available by e-mail!

Results of MRD-NC will be published on MRD homepage – results

QSL cards: Each participant manages their own QSL cards. There is no qsl manager.

General Comment: Coastal radios and ship’s callsigns should be operated only by former Commercial or Navy operators and from radio technicians who worked in the brand of installation and in the maintenance of coastal and ship’s radios equipments and antennas.

“Procedure” Example QSO :

cq mrd cq mrd cq mrd de dl9cm dl9cm dl9cm k

dl9cm de ik6ijf gm rolf QSA5 QRK 5 hr is alfredo shipname/icjr or last ship was icjr k

ik6ijf de dl9cm gm alfredo QSA 5 QRK 5 op rolf shipname/dlcm or last ship was dlcm

ik6ijf de dl9cm tnx 73 .-.-

or put details in a telegram like this :

Origin nr xx ck zz date time = address = qsa x qrk y shipname call = signature+ or similar

The above are only examples . You may send different content, but the least you must include are QSA, name, ship call sign or number!





Waiting for Maritime Radio Day 2016

With this notice the MRD Staff would like to remember the next Maritime Radio Day will be held on April 14th 12h00 GMT until April 15th 22h00 GMT.

This year, to subscribe your partecipation to the Event, it is available an automatic system on the following link:


on the above webpage you can check also the updated list of partecipants.

If you want, it is possible to request subscription to Radio Officer Rolf MARSCHNER – DL9CM

sending an e-mail to his personal address:


MRD is an Event to remember the Golden Age of Maritime Radio Communications and the role of Radio Officer who has been “erased” in the world of sea radio communications.

The date of MRD has been choosen to celebrate the sad disaster of RMS “TITANIC” where hundreds lives has been saved thanks to the first official use of the radio and to remember Chief Radio Officer Jack PHILLIPS who lost his life because of remaining  in contact with ships moving toward the TITANIC position until water came into the radio cabin.

The facts of TITANIC  aroused ‘ huge impression on public opinion and led to the convening of the first International Conference for the safety of life at sea. The RADIO starts, with this conference, to be on board all ships with the main objective of SAFETY.


Dear Sparks,

today…fortunately or unfortunately…you can decide… we have two kind of ships, the first clip is a SIGMUND FREUD ship, the second one is a NO SIGMUND FREUD ship…I prefer the second one HI!!




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