IV3JWY and S52CC 4th meeting

A very special meeting in Trieste

Dear Sparks,

few days ago I received a very special e-mail from our colleague Radio Officer Vincenc M. GRGIC – Vinko now S52CC, he kindly sent me a nice picture while he stayes in Trieste with our colleague R/O Bruno VALLE now IV3JWY.  It seems a century maritime radio ends but former R/O’s still seems very young and in great shape and I am sure if radio will be switched back on board ships both of them are ready for an embark HI!!

While Vinko spent a large part of his life on cargo and passenger ships, Bruno had a carrer as Radio Operator on High Sea Patrol vessels and sometimes in Trieste Radio IQX.

Dear Vinko and Bruno many thanks for the photo really appreciated to stay virtually with you!

(On the photo Vinko is on the left and Bruno on the right)


Alfredo – IK6IJF

A new morse key from RUSSIA the “OMEGA key”

Dear friends,

our colleague R/O Valery PAVLOV now RA1AOM from Saint Petersburg always enjoies his spare time in projecting and realizing morse keys.

Yesterday I have received pictures of his last project the SINGLE LEVER named “OMEGA” because of its mechanic structure.

Valery said me:

Hallo dear Alfredo!
I am very sorry fer so long silence. But I regulary watching R/O news.  I hope you are OK and hope to hear you on the bands.
Now I making new Project- single lever key OMEGA.

This is the first sample (prototype) looks not good because it is not yet refinished and polished but it works really fb!
You can see the contact block is situated in round window-this is new  idea by me.
I hope this model will be cheap and popular. The next one I will make in good design.

If you want to know more about this key you can write to Valery to the following e-mail address:


Valery on the web shows his keys with video clip demonstation on the following URL:  http://qrqcwnet.ning.com/profile/ValeryPavlov

These are the pictures of Valery “OMEGA – key”

click on image to enlarge

omega 043

Omega 019

Omega 021

Best rgds,
Alfredo – IK6IJF