GM0HCQ at vernadsky

GM0HCQ/MM on his way to South Pole

Dear Sparks,

our friend and colleague R/O Mike GLOISTEIN now active from I/B James Clark Ross bound to Antarctica for the 2015/2016 U.K.  research campaign.

I have just done QSO with him on 30 meters at time 17.40 UTC and the PSN was 47N – 011W  QSA 3 QRK 5.

Mike’s website is:



Alfredo IK6IJF



Dear Friends,

our colleauge OM Geoffrey POWELL reported me the following comment about his contact with R/O Karl SCHMIDT while he was on board M/V IDA RAMBOW:

Hello Dear Alfredo,
I enclose picture for the maritime site of qso with Karl on the M/V Ida Rambow on freq 7.026 Khz on the 26 th August 2015, 0905 GMT , Signal was 579 and was a CW contact/ QSO using a Kenwood  TS-140S and End fed ant with 40 watt output…..position was the Baltic, Karl kindly gave me the name of the vessel, picture /photo enclosed.. Thank you so much ,Alfredo hope this is interesting for the site regards Geoffrey …Powell call M1EDF….
Dear Geoff many thanks for all your contributes and my best regards to All!
Alfredo De Cristofaro now IK6IJF


Dear Friends,

Om Vlad is still active from Research/Survey ship I/B “Mikhail Somov”, the icebreaker built in 1975 and with c/s UCLD is still one of the main russian ship used in Arctica and it seems this mission will end at the end of September has been run to refurbish russian polar bases before the winter.

I found on the web a video clip (there are many others) where are shown some moment of the ship sailing on the roof of the world.

At the following minutes of the clip you can see radio operation some of them conducted from the icebreaker and other radio morse operations from ice-crafts.

You can watch the movie and pay attention at the following stop time to see some radio contacts:

from 3:21 to 3:40   Radio Officer calling Moskwa Radio (voice);

from 4:20 to 4:28   Radio Officer sends fast morse message;

from 6:25 to 6:30   morse message from aircraft;

from 8:21 to 8:38   morse sends from an ice-craft.

I enjoyed very much expecially listening to R/O calling Moskwa Radio remembering old times.

73’s to All

Alfredo – IK6IJF