DL6MLA/MM during August on board M/V IDA RAMBOW…stay tuned

Dear Sparks,

the following message received from our colleague R/O Karl Schmidt DL6MLA:

Hello Alfredo,
I will be qrv again on board of MV Ida Rambow/DFHR2 for 14 days. We sail for two round trips from Rotterdam to several ports in Baltic Sea via Kiel Canal. We start nearly 17th of August. I hope for some QSOs.
73 de ex R/O Karl/DL6MLA

Link for watching:

 Some pictures of the vessel



Bad weather and ferry manouvre

Dear Sparks,

we are having a terrific hot summer in Italy…sometimes reaching 40°C but instead of Persian Gulf here not Tankers to take cargo HI!! On the contrary here along the beaches there many “Beauties” to admire. Surfing on the web I found an interesting youtube clip which shows the skill of a Captain while mooring with bad WX on a dock in open sea…

I hope you enjoy the video,




Greek Ferry Boat leaving PIREAUS

Dear Friends to remember an importance moment of a ship, I found on youtube a clip about the manouvre of a Greek Ferry Boat, very happy for me to see an experienced Pilot and Captain in their main important duty “SHIP MANOUVRE”, enjoy so experienced people.Good week-end to all of you.


Portuguese Naval Radio Party – 2015

Following message received from Portuguese Naval Club:

Hi Dear friends and colleagues from sister societies!
This message is to inform you all about next NRA event.
So on the next July 20th we will carry out a naval radio
party and we would like to have your very much apreciated
Have a look on the entire information about at:

We hope to meet you on the air!
Jose Costa – CT4GN


KPH coast radio – NIGHT OF NIGHTS july 12th 2015

Dear Sparks,

OM Gerard – F5YD remembered me the next coming GREAT EVENT handled BY MRHS – historic Morse code radio station KPH returns to the air in commemoration of the closing of commercial Morse operation in the USA.

K6KPH (for Radio Amateurs)
ops will monitor the frequencies below as propagation and the number of available operators permit.

Frequency Transmitter Antenna
3550.0 Henry         HF-5000D Double Extended Zepp
7050.0 RCA L Set  Double Extended Zepp
14050.0 Henry HF-5000D H over 2
18097.5 Henry HF-5000D H over 2
21050.0 Henry HF-5000D H over 2
Frequency Transmitter Antenna
500/426 Henry MF-5000D Marconi T (Off air, antenna down)
8438.3 Henry HF-5000D Double Extended Zepp
12993.0 Henry HF-5000D H over 2
16914.0 Henry HF-5000D H over 2
We want to offer our sincere thanks to Globe Wireless for the help and support they have provided for our project since the very beginning.
Frequency Transmitter Antenna
12695.5 Press Wireless PW15 H over 2
17026.0 Henry HF-5000D H over 2
Frequency Transmitter Antenna
500/426 Henry MF-5000D Marconi T (Off the air, antenna down)
4247.0 RCA K Set Double Extended Zepp
6477.5 RCA K Set Double Extended Zepp
8642.0 RCA L Set Double Extended Zepp
12808.5 RCA L Set H over 2
17016.8 RCA L Set H over 2
22477.5 RCA H Set H over 2

More infos at: