A special remake of Marconi 213 key by G0NVT

Dear Sparks,

since long time Philip BOYLE (call G0NVT) after a life spent in Engineering decided to dedicate his time in morse keys realization, I bought some of his keys and I found marvellous the remaking of the famous MARCONI 213, used in U.K. Coast Radio Stations during the Era we call “The Radio Golden Age”. To support Philip’s activity and for the great satisfaction I feel to use his Marconi Key I decide to write this short review suggesting to visit Philip’s website: http://g0nvtclassickeys.weebly.com/

QRT 500 kHz – The closure of U.K. Coast radio Station

Dear Sparks,

in occasion of the closure of U.K. coast radio stations was recorded by Operators of Lands End Radio GLD the very popular movie/documentary entitled QRT 500, so the video is well known among Radio Officers but to increase to web sources where it is possible to watch the movie trafficlist.net decide to use the possibility for sharing this video, it is a piece of our story cannot be lost.

Main website: http://www.maritimeradio.pro/uk/index.htm

Gud watch and 73’s…here the video

MRD 2015 – IQ6SB/IQP video clip


As usual our Friend OM Domenico CASELLI – I6HWD, who knows everything about the Seamen, ships, trawlers and radio story of the San Benedetto del Tronto port and coast radio (more than 40 years ship’s Agent of the harbour), also this year took part at the MRD with special c/s IQ6SB/IQP and this time he realized a very special youtube clip starting with the images of SAMBENEDETTO RADIO opened just after the II WW and still active but remoted under control of ROME RADIO – IAR, Dom in this clip would give a face to the past and present activities of our marine tradition and like a Radio Officer on board a tanker in Persian Gulf you can see Dom in his “radio room” working during the last MRD…the tattoo on the arm of Dom is an old simbol of our Seamen.

Enjoy the clip:

Italian Coast Radio Stations

Our Friend, OM Domenico CASELLI, ship’s Agent in the port of San Benedetto del Tronto, since young age as SWL around the frequencies of Maritme Mobile Radio Service and after as amateur radio with callsign I6HWD recorded before QRT several morse code transmissions of the main Italian Coast Radios, some working on A1A on Medium Frequency and others, such as Trieste Radio and Rome Radio on HF bands. Domenico has a channel on youtube where he put online the most interesting trasmissions but to promote his job I decided to relay here some of his youtube clips.

Enjoy listening to the following audio files…maybe there are stations you entered in touch during your trips in this area of Mediterranean Sea.

More audio clips on youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/i6hwd