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Ships and ships

Our friend Geoffrey POWELL callsign M1EDF is a special reporter for this website about Maritime Mobiles activities, this time he had a nice QSO on 6 March 2015 14.50 UTC , 30 Mtr band with Ukrainian amateur UT5ZC OM Slava in the Navy as marine radio operator and he had been on service on board Missile Cruiser “MOSKVA” from 1988 until 1991. This website is devoted to Merchant Marine Radio Officers and Communications and mainly we like thinking in the employ of Military Ships for Peace Missions and to make the sea safely from any kind of bad interference such as Piracy which has as objectives Cargo ships. Anyway a beautiful ship for our fashion is always a good subject to admire. Speaking about Navy ships I take this opportunity to put in evidence a beautiful Museum ship moored in the harbour of Nantes (FRANCE) it is the DESTROYER ”Maillé Brézé/FAJU” with a wonderful QSL Cards received from our colleague R/O Andre CORIDER – F6GIN…so please Andre report us in advance any activity from this ship…GUD WATCH to ALL!


DH4PB Sylvester F

Titanic Exhibition in the Historical Museum in Speyer – DL0SFK / MGY

A short story of how three RO’s took part in the MRD in an Titanic Exhibition in the Historical Museum in Speyer

The Historical Museum of Speyer presents “TITANIC” the exhibition with real discoveries from 21st of December 2014 until the 28th of June 2015.
The main attraction of this exhibition are the original artefacts that have been salvaged from the seabed. The Exhibition includes presentation of  passenger accommodations including class differences of the passengers on board from 1st to third class. The atmosphere in the showrooms is rather sombre which gives you a feeling of the oncoming catastrophe.

Three former RO’s of the “Seefunkkameradschaft Bremen” Paul Hag, Sylvester Föcking and Walter Baumann had the idea to set up an amateur radio station within the premises of the exhibition. As date we choose the two RMD days. This idea was submitted to the authorities of the museum, which in turn gave us  their approval to do so. Furthermore we were assured the help of the technical staff which helped us in every way they could.

To make a long story short. the presentation of our simulated “Titanic Radio room” in full action was short of a sensation. In addition of demonstrating QSO’s
RO Föcking had had a great idea to give the visitors the possibility to address Telegrams to their friends and loved ones. For this purpose a “Telegram-Office” with exactly the same Telegram Forms as were used on the Titanic was set up.  Once the peoples understood what we were doing we were nearly run over by visitors wanting to send a telegram.

The procedure was simple. The visitors had to fill in their address, choose a phrase from among  five pre taped sentences, sign the form and pay one Euro.

Then the telegram was brought to the Radio Room from where it was per QSG transmitted to our colleagues at DAN, Norddeich Radio. Norddeich Radio in turn forwarded each and every telegram to the address. SLT

The whole operation was an unexpected success and this thanks to the help of the Historical Museum. Visitors and staff of the museum were literally enthusiastic watching their telegrams transmitted by radio.

Titanic Flyer


Maritime Radio Day 2015 – Special Thanks

Many thanks to all Participants at last edition of Maritime Radio Day 2015. Reading various posts on R/O’s GougleGroup and messages to Organizers this year there has been a great participation with new ships and coast radio callsigns, a special thanks to U.K. R/O’s for activation of special callsigns to remember the great job made by GKA, GKR and GLD during the hundred years of Radio at Sea and to German R/O’s with callsign DL0SFK for commemoration of “Titanic” callsign MGY a very sad story but the MGY tragedy it has been “necessary” to demonstrate against the scetticism of many ship’s owners the extremely importance to fit any kind of ships with a radio room mainly forwaded to the Safety of Life at Sea but not at the last commercial and crews communication with the shore representing a big step in the story of the Shipping where Captains, often owners of the same vessels, should work hard to pick up a cargo in the unloading port to avoid voyages with empty holds.

Have been received messages by radio amateurs congratulating about this event and some of them enjoyed to make QSO’s with special callsigns activated to remember famous Coast Radios and with ship’s callsigns too.

Many thanks to Colleagues from United States, South Africa, Australia, Canary Islands and other Countries far from Europe decided to spend their spare time to be active during MRD 2015.

Great participation from Portugal and our French colleagues didn’t forget to put St.Lys Radio”/FFL and Boulogne Radio”/FFB on the air.

Special thanks to our colleagues in Slovenia, Holland, Scandinavia, Russia and Baltic Republics and to many Italian colleagues always on watch for the Maritime Radio Day and to the crew of IR0IAR had been on the air also this year not only to remember the Rome Radio – IAR history for Italian seafarers but expecially to commemorate R/O Elio FRASSI no longer with us who had worked in Rome Radio for more than 30 years.

Do not forget to send logs with the Summary of: Number of ships, coast radios, special station and ham radios contacted, a personal Certificate of Participation will be released to all of you soon.

We cannot forget the big role and the big work made every year by Radio Officer Rolf MARSCHNER – DL9CM at first as one of the Organizers but expecially as check point for Logs and Certificate delivery.

The picture dedicated to this review shows the Radio Room of Italian Passenger ship “Federico Costa” for long time employed as Liner and then converted as Cruise Ship. The receivers you can see on the image are from Italian factory “MARELLI” and the model is RP42.


Russian trawler sinks in icy seas at least 56 sailors lost their life

News from the WEB (BBC News, CNN, Telegraph.co.uk)

A Russian trawler has sunk off the Kamchatka peninsula, with 56 sailors so far confirmed dead.

Sixty-three people have been rescued, many suffering from hypothermia, according to officials in Russia’s Far East, but 15 are reported missing.

The Dalniy Vostok freezer trawler had 132 people on board when it sank.

Seventy-eight of those on board were Russian and 42 were from Myanmar. The remainder were from Vanuatu, Latvia and Ukraine.

The Dalniy Vostok went down in the Sea of Okhotsk, 330 km (205 miles) west of Krutogorovsky settlement, at around 06:30 local time (20:30 GMT Wednesday).

The captain was reported to be among the dead.

Ice theory

“The rescue operation is going on, we are still looking for 15 people,” Viktor Klepikov, coordinating captain of the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky maritime rescue coordination centre, told Reuters news agency.

A captain of one of the 26 rescue ships taking part in the search said weather conditions were poor when the trawler went down, with snow, wind and waves of up to three metres (10ft) high. The water temperature was around freezing (32F).

A spokesman said survival in such waters was possible for up to 20 minutes.

“At this time we do not know what might have caused the tragedy.”

Water flooded the engine compartment and the trawler then sank within 15 minutes, a local branch of the Russian Emergencies Ministry said.

The most likely theory, according to Russian investigators, is that the trawler may have hit some sort of obstacle because of damage near its engine room.

Emergency services suggested that drifting ice may have holed the vessel.

But a senior official in Kamchatka was quoted by Tass news agency as saying the boat foundered while trawling a 100-tonne dragnet.

Sergei Khabarov said that safety rules might have been flouted with cargo limits being exceeded.

The ship did not send out a distress call before sinking, according to local media.

The 15 people who are still missing are thought to have been in the ship’s hold as the trawler sank, reported Tass.