Maritime Radio Day – Frequency list

Dear Sparks,

as usual during the Maritime Radio Day to make easy the contacts between us, we suggest to use the well known Navy Clubs frequencies plus or minus some kc/s

   MRD 2015 Working Frequency

   1824.0 kHz

3520.0 kHz

7020.0 kHz

10.118.0 kHz

14.052.0 kHz

18087.0  kHz

21.052.0 kHz

24.897.0 kHz

28.052.0 kHz


The use of WARC frequencies is not higly recomended because in the past we had not much traffic on these bands except on the CW band of 30 meters.


Telegraphy is cultural heritage in

Belgium – Germany – Netherlands

Works in progress in Austria – Denmark – Italy



Dear Friends,

there is the possibility to do QSO on CW with OM Vic on board M/V “DANADI 1”. I made a very nice contact with Vic on date 21.March.2015 while the ship was south of Turkey waiting for orders. The QSO has been made on 10126.0 kHz at time UTC 18:36 and RST both side were very strong (over S9).

Same details of the ship:

IMO: 9143623
MMSI: 273331910
Call Sign: UBJF5
Flag: Russia (RU)
AIS Type: Cargo
Gross Tonnage: 4995
Deadweight: 6207 t
Length × Breadth: 140m × 16.56m
Year Built: 1996
Status: Active
Status: Underway using Engine
Speed/Course: 1.1kn / 154°

Map with ship’s PSN at time of QSO


M/V “DANADI 1” acrossing Turkey channel




Dear friends

INORC has organized for  Sunday, march 29 from 15.00 to 22.00 hours UTC  a “ BUG PARTY “.

An evening event only for bug keys , bands 40 and 80 meters, respectively  7.022/ 7.026 kHz  +/- 1 kHz and 3.520/3.540 kHz +/- 1 kHz.

The Event is opened to all radio amateurs owners of a valid license,  and we do not request to send the Log, it will be just one more opportunity to stay in touch on air .

The call will be used: CQ BUG PARTY de……..

We trust in a large participation in the event and thank you from now all the colleagues who will attend the event.




Norddeich Radio Museum…a great piece of Sea Radio History

A great piece of Sea Radio History has been assured to the future, the German Radio Operators and Radio Officers reached an important objective opening the Musuem of NORDDEICH RADIO, anybody worked on board ships surely had radio contacts at least sometimes with DAN. NORDDEICH RADIO with its great signals strength had the full coverage of the oceans of the world. It is always a satisfaction to know when from any part of the world, people involved in the past with maritime communications, make something to preserve this great heritage against the sometimes “nosense” technology.

Morse info also for Visistors on DAN Museum website:



Morse Code instead of Radio Toys

Dear Sparks,

while in the Western culture we are trashing all reliable system of communications for TOYS for the big LAUGH of Chinese with big pockets, the Russian since long time expressed their opinion to invest for the future in traditional systems with no Hi-Tech and not only for war but for life, I do not mention other than what you can see on the clip below…Enjoy the video!!


Special Event LUSITANIA-GB100MFA

A special event Amateur Radio licence has been issued to the Radio Officers Association to remember the sinking of the Lusitania/MFA on 7th May 1915.

The activity will take place from the lightship PLANET which is berthed in Canning dock Liverpool during the month of May 2015.

Two stations will be on air simultaneously both for CW with some SSB these two stations will be on amateur radio bands from 3.5mhz to 28mhz dependant on propagation conditions. R.O.A. will be assisted by members of the M.R.M.S.W. (who were previously at Fort Perch Rock but now based on the Planet lightship)

A website about this event has been established at

It is also believed there will be an commemorative station on air from Ireland with the call sign EI100MFA, also activated by R.O.A. members.

Lusitania was built at the famous John Brown shipyard on the Clyde. On 1st May 1915 she departed from New York Pier 54 for her 202nd Atlantic crossing bound for Liverpool via the south of Ireland.

At 14.10 hours on Friday 7th May 1915 she was torpedoed by a German U-Boat while about 10 miles southwest of Kinsale Head, Ireland, and sank within 18 minutes.

Of the original 1,961 passengers and crew who left from New York, only 764 people survived the sinking. The final death toll was 1,197.

Amongst those who died were the two Radio Officers, Ronald Leith and Donald McCormack, who were responsible for sending the SOS message which was received at Queentown and resulted in the saving of the 764 lives.

NOTICE BY Geoffrey POWELL about Passenger ship’s Radio Officers:

I have read the details of the loss of the Lusitania.. on the Sparks site, may I point out it is not correct that both radio operators died , Infact as enclosed they both appeared at the investigation of the loss to establish as to whether they did there best and did not die..infact Junior telegraphist David Mc Cormick helped to get passengers in a lifeboat and was injured, subsequently dying of Cancer at 48 directly attributed to the previous injury.

More details on website WRECK COMMISSIONERS INQUIRY: