Maritime Mobile activity reported by our Friend Geoff POWELL – M1EDF

Our good Friend OM Geoff POWELL from QTH Staffs – U.K. served the British Royal Air Force and Hitched lifts covering thousands miles on, now retired in his home QTH is a very active Radio Operator following expecially Maritime Mobiles around the world. Since few months his radio setup is made up of Icom IC-7400 and long wire operating with 80 watts on CW. Geoff sometimes makes special callsigns activation to remember “SEA FACTS & ENTERPRISES”, I suggest to visit the frequently updated Geoff page on QRZ.COM entering his c/s M1EDF, you can see a large excellent pictures of /MM collected in his amateur radio activity.

I include now the last QSL cards images sent me by Geoff with details of his QSO’s with the following /MM:

Qsl card from Oleg callsign UR5FA/MM , ships name “Greta Selmer”, CW contact on 12th Dec 2014 at 09.14 Zulu on 10 Mtr (28.036 Mhz) band CW mode. PSN was off coast of Taiwan.



Here is another / MM QSO off Quebec Canada…. the MV Diamantgracht…, for a change I used a new Radio for Xmas an IC 7400 on mode SSB ,instead CW 10 Metre band, 28.480 kHZ  at 18.05 ,13 Jan 2015… as apposed to my normal CW operating… 589 with 40 watts output from Versa tuner and Doublet at 50 feet…


Dear Geoff, many thanks for all your updates about your /MM traffic, you are always very welcome and we stay tuned for new infos!





IQ6SB/IQP will be “On The Air” for the coming MRD

Dear Sparks,

also this year, since the beginning of Our Event, our friend Dom – I6HWD will be active during the coming MRD with callsign of SAMBENEDETTO RADIO / IQP. For over than 50 years IQP Radio Operators has been very busy from the Central Adriatic Coast with all the Fishing Fleet of the bassin and with Cargo ships transiting in the area, traffic with IQP has been always handled  with high skill and VERY FAST expecially during DISTRESS situation, IQP was the radiomaritime hears of the Central Adriatic on 2182, 2132 and 2023 kHz.

Nowadays, it is very sad, but also IQP is remotely controlled by Rome Radio IAR… it is sad because we have not more Human Voices trough loudspeakers but computer voice while reading WX – GW – NX…on the contrary IQP is still alive and with strong signals on MF 1855.0 kHz – J3E.

Many thanks Dom for all your effort and your precious help activating IQP.

A clip while Dom was running IQ6SB/IQP during MRD 2010.


Italian Ferry “Norman Atlantic” on fire, lifeboats at sea

Dear Friends,

I report the first News online just after Italian Ferry Norman Atlantic went on fire:

A ferry Norman Atlantic started from Igoumenitsa to Ancona is in flames after a fire that has developed from the garage. According to preliminary information of firefighters who are reaching the ferry with several teams, would be lowered the boats and hundreds of people would be at sea.
“Our shoes had started to melt while we were in the reception area”: it told the Greek TV station Mega one of the passengers of the Norman Atlantic rescued. The fire in the garage, where there were about 195 cars, according to television, has provoked a strong heat throughout the ship.
At least four merchant ships that were in the lower Adriatic were hijacked in the area where the ferry. One of these would have already reached the area and taken aboard the approximately 150 people who were down with the boats. Dell’Italia games are also two Coast Guard patrol boats and helicopters of the Navy and Air Force.

So now I include the Map with the ship’s PSN where she went on fire. I ask you apologizes but I must to publish this fact on our website expecially because some MEDIA are launching NOT PROPER information about the facts really happened. I know that after the tragedy of COSTA CONCORDIA Italian Seafarers started to be considered not more under the right LIGHT of typical Italian Crews so I ask apologizes to that Lady that on board didn’t receive food while waiting to be rescued but I would like to inform her that in the condition she was it has been better to have saved her life…I SUPPOSE the Cook and the Galley stuff was busy in the resuce operation with not “VERY GOOD SEA CONDX”!