Geoffrey POWELL a Great friend with a big interest in /MM activity

Our friend OM Geoffrey POWELL – M1EDF has a great fashion since long time for any activity connected with /MM, I suggest you to visit his page where you can find infos and very nice pictures.

Geoffrey sent me an e-mail I like to report you:

Dear Alfredo,

      Omissis…I enclose a photo of the double key morse key I trained on in 1955 when I was a trainee telegraph clerk .. There were a sound box free standing rather like the wild west telegraph system , a click system one on either side with relay , a low click being dot and a loud click being dash… I thought this would be interesting to other readers my best wishes Geoff M1EDF……


Now I cannot avoid to show you some very nice QSL cards Geoffrey received after some QSO’s with Maritime Mobiles station.


Picture 112


Dear Geoff thank you for your contribute we are always ready to follow your infos!

73’s Alfredo – IK6IJF




Ida_Rambow (4)

R/O Karl SCHMIDT very soon on the air as DL6MLA/MM from M/V IDA RAMBOW

Dear Sparks,

I have received an e-mail from our colleague OM Karl – DL6MLA. He will be QRV on board of MV Ida Rambow/DFHR2 -maybe- only for one week . He sail from Hamburg bound Baltic Sea via Kiel Canal for a round trip. The trip will start nearly 26th of July. Karl hope for some QSOs.

Link for watching:


THE GREAT I1QOD – Alberto FRATTINI & his KEYS production

In Italy we have an extraordinary person in the World of Morse Code and Keys, he is OM Alberto FRATTINI callsign I1QOD. Alberto spent about two years of his life as Radioman in the Italian Navy on board a Frigate then he started his professional career in an great and world-wide known factory of airfcrafts and spacerafts which took part in the realization of ISS – International Space Station. Since young age Alberto shown the skill of his hands in the precision mechanics and he reached a position of high responsability during his job life. After retirement he started to dedicate his time to his main hobby – handmade morse keys – and slowly he started his morse keys production. Each part of Alberto’s keys is strictly handmade absolutely NO INDUSTRIAL method applied. For me is an honour to be his friend and I would like to show you all his production, for all the particulars of each key you see in the following pictures you can visit Alberto’s website where you can find also his e-mail address to request him any kind of information:


Alberto laboratory

The last Alberto’s key just entered in production is the wonderful SIDE SWIPER you can see below


Alberto has a wide range production of straight keys inspired to old Merchant Marine models



Marconi Base NERA




iambic settembre








J36 “Remake”

NEWS J36 base nera





Evolution Black Base

Please for all detailed infos and pictures of particulars and all versions of keys available visit I1QOD website:


KPH – Night of Nights 2014!

Ladies and Gents of the Key:

Night of Nights 2014 is coming up on 12 July.  Many will recall that on that date in 1999 what was supposedly the last commercial Morse message in the US was sent.  But also on that date the Maritime Radio Historical Society was formed with the mission to preserve the skills, traditions and culture of those who came before us and who made the profession of radio telegrapher one of honor and skill.

On the first night of nights in 2000 we put KPH back in the air.  Each year since, the signals of once silent coast coast stations have risen from the static to re-create those golden years when coast stations stood shoulder to shoulder across the marine bands.

This year a total of eight coast station will be on the air including three US Coast Guard stations!  This will be your chance to hear KPH, KFS, KSM, WLO, KLB, NMC, NMW and NMQ on the air again.

You can join us on the air or in person at the RCA receive site in the Point Reyes National Seashore in Northern California.  See a real working coast station in action!  Have a commercial radiotelegraph ticket?  Sit the circuit at KPH, KFS or KSM (or all three!) and have your license endorsed to that effect.  Or operate our amateur station K6KPH, no license required.  We’ll set aside a guest operating position for you.  And maybe best of all, you’ll get to meet and talk with the real radio heroes and heroines who pounded brass professionally at “The wireless giant of the pacific”.

Want the details?  The best bet is to subscribe to our email Newsletter (free, and you can unsubscribe at any time).  A special Night of Nights edition will be published in the next couple of days with all the call sign and frequency details, plus articles on the new museum exhibit commemorating the 100th anniversary of Marconi operations in California and two technical articles.

You can subscribe via our Web site at 

VY 73,


Richard Dillman

Richard Dillman, AE-12-446
Chief Operator, Coast Station KSM
Maritime Radio Historical Society


Special Radio Event “S.O.S. from the Red Tent”

Dear Sparks,

following information received from OM Fabio BONUCCI – IK0IXI

Starting from July 31st, 2014 at Italian Time 21:30, every 5 minutes until 22:00 Local Time every evening until Monday August 4th on the CW segment of 40 meters, starting from 7000 kHz to 7035 kHz after selected a clear frequency between these following 8: (7000/7005/7010/7015/7020/7025/7030/7035), will be on the air “Ondina 33” the emergency transceiver used by Sgt.Biagi after the impact of Airship “ITALIA” on the pack of North Pole. Sgt. Biagi transmitted the distress signal SOS from the North Pole and the SOS was heard by Nicholaj Schmidt, a Russian amateur radio on the evening of 3rd June of that year.



The transmission will be ‘only ONE WAY, and the HEARD of special TRAMSISSION will be confirmed sending a QSL on which must be reported the precise indication of the frequency and time of listening, the answer will consist of Confirmation Print Memory.

la_biagina   schmidt

 Giuseppe BIAGI operating ONDINA                               Nicholaj SCHMIDT in Arkangelsk

The following text will be send: cq cq cq cq cq de ik1vhx  ik1vhx  ik1vhx this is a special event of transmission ONE WAY using a replica of Ondina 33 Radiotelegraph operator in honor of Giuseppe Biagi and russian hamradio Nicholaj Schmidt Which saved the survivors of Italy Airship Disaster happened on 1928 year. Locator is here JN44SH55. PSE QSL to confirm the HEARD via direct to Bruno Lusuriello – Via Edera, 20 apt. 22 -16144 Genova ITALY.