1913 – 2013 INORC celebrates the 100 years of the category of “Radio telegraphist” in the Italian Navy.

Many stations, operated by INORC members

will be on the air until 23,59 UTC of dicember 12 2013

with special call II1RT

follwed by the number of the respective call area.



RW1AI/MM – Icebreaker AKADEMIK FEDOROV bnd Cape Town

Dear Sparks,

just worked M/V  AKADEMIC FEDOROV – OM Mike with callsign RW1AI/MM, at 19.11 UTC today 13 Nov. 2013 on 7 MHz band, the position of the vessel is 39N- 11W and they are bound to South Africa (Cape Town) I suppose they will proceed to Antarctica for the summer period …you have several possibilities to make QSO’s with Mike…the trip is still very long.

I confirm in these last evenings Mike has worked on 40 meters band around 7.015.0 kHz A1A.

Have a gud watch!


Alfredo – IK6IJF


A callsign to remember a Great Navigator – GB4FCV

Sir Francis Chichester

Dear Sparks,

the following message received from a good friend of us, he is Geoffrey Powell /callsign M1EDF often busy in activating special callsigns on short waves to remember the special story of the British people and the Sea.

This time Geoff want to remember the story of a Great Navigator a “Great Man of the past”, Sir. Francis Chichester and his emprise to circumnavigate the World…more infos on:

The following message received by Geoffrey:

My Dear Alfredo,

The event will run from 30 Nov 2013 for 14 days.. CW only freq`s top band, 80, 40,30, 20 Mtrs only … Qsl card with Call enclosed best wishes Geoffrey. Bye…

This is the special QSL card will be realized for the Event




A French Radio Officer and a Magazine for Sparks

Dear Sparks,

since long time many of us are in touch with Radio Officer Andre CORDIER from France, Andre is a skill CW operator who spent his life for the radio at sea and he is still very busy preparing GMDSS radio operators for the GOC. His amateur radio callsign is F6GIN; during his spare time he is still a watcher of  the radio waves on amateur bands but not only, he is the Editor of a very interesting telematic Magazine for Radio Officers – “QST/MM” you can download from Andre hompage where you can find all the past numbers:


The cover of the last number of QST/MM

Andre is one of the Radio Operator of the Team on board the French Frigate “FRANCE 1” an old Weather ship now restored into a museum vessel with a very busy radio station active during the bigger events of Maritime Radio.


Radio Room of Frigate “FRANCE 1”


The WX ship at sea…rolling and pitching

Dear Andre many thanks for all you have done and you are continuing to do.

BST RGDS to all…and do not forget to read…QST/MM

R/O’s Staff

German Radio Officers Union “ON THE AIR” with call DL0SFK


We are “on the air”
Inside the SFK (German Radio Officers Union) there are many former Radio Operators worked as “telegrapher of the seas” that changed  their first profession into an hobby.
As radio-amateurs, we are still in the world of ” radio waves” on the road and enjoying working in various Contests still on  radiotelegraphy  and very active during “Special  Maritime Radio” activations . This fact has renewed e justified the existance of  Seefunkkameradschaft under the flag callsign: DLØSFK.

With our renewed organization and with special callsign DL0SFK we have partecipated for the first time at the Maritime Radio Day from 14 April  2013-22.00 UTC to 15 April 2013-12.00 UTC

Our special QSL card is shown above – click on the image to view full size!