G0FFB/MM back to Scotland




We set off from Scotland aboard 2-Blue on the 27th July 2013 heading south for the Mediterranean via Ireland,England,France,Spain,Portugal

2-Blue is a 37’ft Prout Elite catamaran

I am active on: 1.8MHZ – 29MHZ 

Antenna: Shakespeare Marine Vertical 23ft long and Alinco EDX2 tuner

Radio: Alinco DX-SR8 80Watts o/p 

Interests: HF Band CW

I do NOT accept EQSL cards.

ALL Direct QSL’s should be accompanied by a SAE and $2 to cover postage


QSL via the RSGB bureau VIA GM0FFB callsign – this is my preferred method


Professional Single Lever Key……by RA1AOM

Dear Sparks,

I want to complete the RA1AOM’s morse keys production with the magnificient Single Lever Valery made for a German amateur.

Valery is at your disposal at: ra1aom@mail.ru

Pictures of Single Lever Key and a particular of a screw all handmade


Twin Paddles by RA1AOM – Valery from St. Petersburg

Dear Sparks,

I bought some years ago a twin paddle from Valery and I have a great feel with this key, I have appreciated very much Valery’s morse keys and for this reason I have pushed him to send me pictues of the keys he produces to show you the real interesting products comes from an experienced former Radio Officer who knows how a morse key must be done. Sending the pictures of the twin paddles Valery said me:

Almost all parts are made of stainless steel and polished by hand. The levers are made of titanium. The base of the Urals Jasper or other stones. Contacts are located on the Nickel-plated cover plates of springy bronze. All adjustments are performed screws on the rear rack. As told one friend of mine the adjustment can be done as for a pianist and a tractor driver. The key is heavy and stable on the desktop. The production of the manipulator takes about 50 hours.

Take a look at Valery’s works (click on the image to enlarge)

Valery e-mail is : ra1aom@mail.ru

twin paddle 3 twin paddle4 twin paddle2 twin paddle1 Szjse71ytGE R7X4kwAPBGI r2W7VtokEiQ twin paddle 5

Morse Keys production by Our Colleaugue Valery PAVLOV – RA1AOM

Dear Sparks,

I took the initiative to ask Valery to send me pictures of his morse keys production, at the moment I received his last construction made in stainless steel block and magnets instead of springs.  Later he will send photos of Twin paddles and also technical description. Please watch the video on:

Valery e-mail address is : ra1aom@mail.ru
Take a look at the following pictures of Valery last productions and do not forget to click on the image to see it in High Quality.

UCdljw2p4O4 suDZN5GwCz8stainless-steel-main-block-single-key-017 rTj9TIk8DgQ Lmk1H4ugZlg JVFLo5N_q0E GdXaznpnav8 4Sur-5HdryA wjhpRqfeSgw

Best regards,

Alfredo – IK6IJF



Dear ex collegues,
The following MM station can be added to your list  RX6CB/MM:
Eduard Eysmond (in spite of his Dutch name, a Russian Ham) see here under the e-mail I received from him:
Dear Albert,
on the date 02.09.2013 I will fly to new vessel Front Tina. If everything goes well will be active as RX6CB/MM again. Will be glad to hear You on the bands from 3.5 to 28MHz in CW only.

Best Regards, 73! RX6CB

Eduard Eysmond

Eduard is chief officer on mv Front Tina/A8HH5, last known QTP Ras Rastanura bound for the Japanese Sea.
Eduard is a fantastic CW operator and would have made a hell of a sparks
vy 73

DL0SFK “On The Air” by R/O Rolf MARSCHNER

DL0SFK "On The Air"

Dear Alfredo,
I have the callsign DL0SFK for two days, 19th and 20th October because I am member of Seefunkkameradschaft. I will try to contact  W2WSC (Tuckerton Radio).I will be active mainly on 40 and 20 meters.

73’s Rolf – DL9CM

Why DL0SFK? (infos taken from QRZ.COM)

This is the club station of the German Radio Officer’s Association. The image shows the University Bremen building where hundreds of students have been trained and educated to become a Radio Officer for the German Merchant Navy. Since the implementation of the GMDSS system the training for Radio Officers has become obsolete. Today the new technology has completely taken over the communication from ships to shore.

DL0SFK will be on air during special events within the radio amateur service and on its frequencies and bands. 

8Q7VR/MM sailing around Maldives Islands


Our Colleaugue OM Rolf MARSCHNER – DL9CM reported on date 02 October 2013 the following /MM activity.

At 2351 UTC QSO with 8Q7VR/mm on 7010.0 MHz, running between Male and Naifaru Island (Maledives).
OP is Ivan, UR9IDX, QSL via EA5HPX.
73, Rolf DL9CM

CW Signals from Barents Sea – LA5EKA/MM


Dear Sparks,

I have just received from our friend Gianpiero – IZ6FCK some news about OM Gisle actives from the research ship “H.U SVERDRUP II”

Gianpiero enter in contact with the ship yesterday 30 September at QTR 08.35 UTC on 28 MHz. The ship should remain in the area for conducting  a Polar scientific campaign so we could have time to make contacts with Gisle.

You can follow the ship’s PSN on marinetraffic website.

Have a good watch!

73’s Alfredo, TNX Gianpiero!