DL8TG/MM from Lightship “ELBE 1” in the North Sea


This evening 30 September 2013 at QTR 18.30 UTC OM Klaus was active from Lightship “ELBE 1” on frequency 7.034 kHz mode A1A.

Signals now into the Central Italy are QSA 5 / QRK 5. The ship is sailing in the North Sea between Helgoland Island and Cuxhaven as shown on the Map below, the blue square was the PSN of the ship at 18.30 UTC.

ELBE 1 ON DATE 30-09-13

I suppose Klaus will be active for some days as /MM from “ELBE 1”

Have a good watch!

73’s Alfredo

UR3IDD/MM morse signals from North Sea

UR3IDD/MM morse code from M/V AURORA


OM Eugen – UR3IDD/MM is on board the container vessel “AURORA” sailing in the area on North Sea and Baltic.The ship is a Cyprus Flag.
Tonight during my QSO with Eugen on 14.033.0 kHz he said me he is ex Radio Officer passed in the rank of Deck Department and now he is Chief Mate enjoying to stay in touch with former colleaugues and amateurs during his spare time.


Have you a GUD WATCH!


73’s Alfredo – IK6IJF